In 1990, at the initiative of Professors dr. Toma Coman and dr. Sofia Coman, along with personalities from higher veterinarian education, Professors Ph.D. Florian Seiciu, Dumitru Curcă, George Sălăgeanu, and Gheorghe Pârvu founded the nucleus for the establishment of the first private faculty of veterinary medicine in the country. Led by the idea that the founding of the private veterinarian education, alongside with the state one, will lead to improving the training of veterinarians, a team of teachers with extensive scientific and practical experience teaching, was brought together, composed of teachers Valentin Popovici, Aurel Popoviciu, Valeriu Martin, Horea Bârză, Valerius Nicolescu, Octavian Bica Popii, Helgomar Răducănescu, Marin Marinescu, Constantin Milla, Constantin Stătescu and Ioan Cureu. Other teachers such as Emil Șuțeanu, Viorel Popa, Nicolae Constantin, Valer Teușdea, Anton Hillebrand, Emanuela Ionescu, Maria Crivineanu, Elena Potecea, Avram Nicolae, Avram Eugenia, along with many others, joined. From the very beginning they developed curricula adapted to market needs and ensured quality practical training of students. Moreover, the idea on which they had taken the first step, led to a professional training of graduates, according to European standards in a competitive market, so that they can compete in equal terms with veterinarians from European countries.

Since 1993, the faculty has been operating within Spiru Haret University, being authorized to operate as a unit of higher education by Government Decision no. 568/1995. In 2002, it was accredited by Government Decision no. 944/2002.