The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine from the University Spiru Haret is re-accredited by Government Decision no. 140/2017 and can enroll 50 students each year. The Faculty has a duration of 6 years education (bachelor's and master integrated), being in fully compliance with Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications. Each year of study provides 60 credits, and the total number of transferable credits under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), and the National Education Law no. 1/2011, is 360. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine offers this specialization also in English from 2018-2019 academic year.

The main objective of the Program of Bachelor, consists in training of veterinarians to work in the fields of:

- protection of animal health,

- hygiene of food of animal origin and of public health,

- scientific research,

- veterinary care,

- animal husbandry,

- sanitary-veterinary inspection,

- animal nutrition

- veterinary pharmacy and pharmaceutical marketing.

The faculty has laboratories for practical work of students, a research laboratory for scientific work of teachers and scientific workshops for students, university veterinary clinics for pets and farm animals. Carrying out the clinical activities, practical works for inspection and expertise of animal products and specialized internships for students is accomplished in assistance units, farms, slaughterhouses, meat, milk, honey, fish, etc. processing plants, for which cooperation partnerships are concluded (more than 40 economic entities).

At graduation, young people get a degree of veterinary medical doctor


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